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G a l l e r y

This web-gallery doesn't pretend to represent the author's work fully - neither in the number of the pictures nor in color and energy influence of the exhibited copies. The pictures in the gallery are exhibited according to the thematic cycles, grounded on the original author's idea, executed in the original author's style.

The cycles, created in different time, represent not only many-sided nature of the author's idea big variety of the chosen technique and originality of the style, named tralfrealism by the author, but also its evolution.

The influence of surrealism and minimalism can be seen in the earlier works of the artist, and in combination with the eastern religions they led to the birth of a new creative style in painting.

The first joint works of Valery (Ven) Goleiko and Tatiana (Ta) Chebrova appeared in 1998. The canvases signed VenTa represent harmonic balance of expressive emotions of T. Chebrova's brush and meditative static of V. Goleiko's style. A part of the joint works of the artists' duet VenTa is exhibited in the cycles "Sky. Ocean. Land" and "Pilgrims of the Universe".

    S e r i e s    o f    P i c t u r e s:

Return to Earth


The time that lost its way


Looking back to the future

The vision of high clearness

The tales of the old city

Reflecting Fujiyama


Sky. Ocean. Land.   Valery Goleiko, Tatiana Chebrova (VenTa)

Pilgrims of the Universe   Valery Goleiko, Tatiana Chebrova (VenTa)

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